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 James and Margie are seniors in high school when James decides to drop out during the Vietnam War Era--a time of a military draft.  Join James and Margie while they search for their own "Sense of it' in living for peace during a time of war.

The story of  Margie exploring friendsdships and  romance.--Join her through her letters to people of importance to her  life as she goes on her personal  quest for a life full of friendships and love.  Join her also as she grows in her desire to be an inspiring teacher.  


of poems exploring  life

and love.  It gives glimpses inthe this author's soul.

Margie's secure world changes as she moves to a small town with her young husband.  They are making sense of their new lives with each other as they take on the tasks of raising children--foster, adopted, and biological on a shoestring budget, but with lots of adventures and love.